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by James Lepine

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Four songs, recorded in my bedroom with garage band. They mean a lot to me, and I'm happy with how they've turned out. Enjoy!


released November 16, 2010




James Lepine Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: I Won't Say A Word/Prophet
I won't say a word
Till I know that everyone can hear

But I don't wanna be
A prophet
All I wanna do
Is just drop it
Track Name: Just Be Still
I wanna put my arms around somebody
I wanna know that it is real
I wanna feel a body collapse in mine
And I want you to just be still

We were just a couple of kids, that's all
Yeah we danced cause we were scared
And we would put our bodies so close together
We did not understand just what we did

Do you remember when you became a woman?
All that passion that you had never known
And yeah you aimed it in my direction
So tell me what was that all for?

And I want a love that last forever
I wanna see the sunshine on your face
And I wanna know that things always get better
And I want everything to find it's right place

So baby baby please don't tell me if you've heard this one before
We all need a reminder, a fresh start and a hope
We ache for what we do not know
Yeah that longing inside just grows
Just grows
Track Name: Look Where We Are
Look where we are (3x)
Once again

You cut at my heart (3x)
Like a surgeon

And I can't believe
What you've done to me
Can you believe?

Every bruise and cut and slice and tear
Did you know what you were doing there?
Did you know?
Track Name: Now You're Standing On Your Own Two Feet
You've got your reason and you've got your why
For all of our tears and all our goodbyes
But I don't wanna know the thinking behind your ways
No really all I wanted was to hear you say "thanks"

Or I was actually no help?
Did you do it all by yourself?
Maybe I was just a prop to hold you up
And if that's what I was then baby, that's what I was

Cause now you're standing on your own two feet
And there's no need for you to think of me
And I got washed up by the violent old sea
I got water in my lungs and baby I can't breathe

Cause now I'm drenched and drowning